PalyHacks 2020
February 22 - 23, 2020
Palo Alto High School

Hello World

Welcome to Palo Alto High School's third high school hackathon.

PalyHacks is an international 24-hour hackathon for high school students hosted at Palo Alto School in Palo Alto, CA; run by students, made for students. In PalyHacks, we invite anyone with an interest in technology to come and build a project! Regardless of your skill level, you and your friends are invited to code, build, learn and have fun!

PalyHacks will be taking place in Palo Alto High School located in 50 Embarcadero Rd, Palo Alto, CA in the Media Arts Center.


Q: What is a hackathon?

A: A hackathon is a place where coders, designers, and anyone with an idea can come and make their ideas a reality. More information on hackathons can be found here.

Q: Can I go alone?

A: For sure. If you come alone, we can help you form teams, and it is a great opportunity to meet new people as well.

Q: Who can come?

A: Anyone currently enrolled in a high school is eligble to sign up. If you are over the age limit and wish to attend, please contact us directly.

Q: What should I bring?

A: Bring your school ID, computer, chargers, friends, and anything you might want to use in your hack. Food will be provided, but you are welcome to bring your own as well.

Q: Where is it?

A: PalyHacks will be located at 50 Embarcadero Road, Palo Alto, CA, at Palo Alto High School's Media Arts Center. Signs will be posted to assist people in getting there.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: It's completely free. We will provide food and drink, as well as some hardware that you can use in your hacks.

Q: What should I make?

A: Make anything you are interested in. We will have a panel of judges to evaluate your projects at the end.

Q: What if I'm interested in mentoring?

A: That's great! Fill out the form here and we will get back to you shortly.

Q: What if my question isn't covered on the FAQ?

A: No worries! Feel free to contact us at


Doors will close at 11:30 PM and reopen at 6:00 AM

Day 1: February 22nd

10:00AM     Check In

11:00PM     Opening Ceremony/Team Mixer

01:00PM     Lunch

03:00PM     MakeSchool Keynote

05:00PM     MakeSchool Workshop

07:00PM     Dinner

09:00PM     Super Smash Bros Tournament

Day 2: February 23rd

12:00AM    Midnight Snack

12:30AM    League of Legends Tournament

07:00AM    Breakfast

08:00AM    Project Submission

08:30AM    Presentation and Judging

09:30AM    Awards and Closing Ceremony

10:00AM    Hackathon Ends